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learning torah is life


For Men

The Kollel is the heart of the community. Consider joining us for scheduled weekly programming, daily shuirim or chavrusa style learning. Chumash, Talmud, Mishna, Mussar or Halacha. Drop by the Kollel or contact us today for a schedule. 

For Woman

The Kollel is a proud leader in women’s education.

The Women’s Division is the valley's premiere center for women’s Jewish learning and provides Torah education and outreach to the greater Jewish community. 


Programs include social events, guest speakers, community-wide events, private classes, and one-on-one study, making learning accessible to women of all ages and backgrounds.



Get the Torah perspective on Real Estate or business ethics?  Programs can be tailored to the needs of each participant. Whether one on one learning  or lunch and learn. Contact us and we'll set something up

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