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about the kollel

Building Jewish Identity through torah

The Kollel was founded in the year 2000...

Since then we have been one of the institutions at the forefront of our community, generating growth, and leaving an enduring mark across the Valley.

One, we strive to connect Jews and Judaism through love, friendship, and unity. Whether you're Reform, Conservative, Orthodox, unaffiliated, or somewhere in between, the Kollel is your most vibrant source for Jewish learning in the Valley. Through study opportunities in various formats and locations, the Kollel brings a new dimension to everyday Jewish life.


Two, we serve as an incubator for tomorrow’s rabbinic leaders, by providing an atmosphere of intense learning allowing our team of rabbis the opportunity to continue their personal development into accomplished Torah scholars.


Additionally, the Kollel is a proud leader in Women’s education. We were the first to introduce to the Valley Jewish learning programs tailored exclusively to women. Our active Women’s Division has made a difference in the lives of countless women and their families.


We invite you to spend some time getting to know us. We hope that you will come away from this site encouraged to join one of our programs. We are confident that you will find it a meaningful experience.

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