What is a Kollel?

"Every word of Torah studied, every verse or Talmudic dictum explored, changes the world for the better and brings one closer to G-D. Whereas literature or the sciences are studied with a goal in mind - making new discoveries, publishing or gaining new understanding - the study of Torah on the part of any Jew uplifts the entire nation. Thus the scholar at his studies is providing a crucial service to all of Israel.

An almost incidental benefit is that the Kollel tends to produce the future leaders of Israel. Generally, today's rabbis, dayanim (judges), roshei yeshivah and teachers all come from the ranks of the Kollel."


Rabbi Yaakov Feitman

OU, Jewish Action

FAQ’s:  Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What does “Kollel” mean?


A: A Kollel is a group or gathering of people working together toward a common goal. Our goal is to promote Torah study through hands-on educational experiences that respects all Jews, regardless of prior knowledge or observance level.




Q: Is the Phoenix Community Kollel a local or national organization?


A: We are an independent, local, not-for-profit organization created for Greater Phoenix area Jews. While there are many Kollels throughout the United States, they are each operated independently.




Q: Who funds Kollel programming?


A: Virtually all of our funding is through private donations from local donors who value our work and want to become partners in our mission.




Q: Does the Kollel cater to a particular age group or level of religious observance?


A: No. We offer learning opportunities for Jews young and old, from every level of religious observance. Participants include unaffiliated, Reform, Conservative and Orthodox.




Q: Where are the Kollel classes held?


A: Transcending the confines of a typical classroom, we offer a fresh approach to learning about Torah and Judaism. Whether or not you have been involved with Jewish education, come learn with us. We offer classes at our main Kollel “Bais Medrash” (Study Hall) in north central Phoenix conveniently located for valley wide access.  To embark on a compelling, thought-provoking spiritual journey, just give us a call! The Kollel’s central location makes classes accessible throughout the metro area almost every day of the year. We will join you in your home or at your office to share with you the joy of Judaism.




Q: How is the Kollel governed?


A: The Kollel is governed by a Board of Directors dedicated to its mission of learning and teaching Torah and committed to the Kollel’s success.

They are: David Friedman, President, Zach Brooks, Sanford Burstyn, Dr. Fred Cucher,  Dr. Dan Lucas, and David Segal. The Kollel refers matters of Jewish Law to nationally recognized Torah authorities.




Q: How much does it cost to join a Kollel class? 


A: The Kollel is a non-membership organization. Most of our educational programs and classes are free of charge. Occasionally, we charge a nominal fee for a program to help with the costs involved in operating that particular event.





Q: Are my donations to the Kollel tax deductible?


A: Yes. The Phoenix Community Kollel, is a non profit organization recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) and by the State of Arizona. All contributions are tax deductible.

Your contribution is vital to our continued growth and ability to provide quality Jewish education to the Phoenix Jewish Community. We appreciate your partnership and investment in our valuable work.