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70 for 70

The idea behind this program is to study in the memory of the Jews who perished in the Holocaust. Participants will receive a card with the name and bio (where available) of a Holocaust victim whom they will be learning in memory of. The 70 days will be used as a time of commemoration for the person in whose memory people will be learning for and for the town in which they lived.


Widely considered the #1 Jewish presentation, Discovery has been seen by over 200,000 Jews worldwide. Discovery is a 2 hour, one-stop extraordinary presentation that combines logic, philosophy, and psychology to take audiences on a journey into the “why” of being Jewish.   

The Shabbat Project


The Kollel is proud to be a partner in the Phoenix/Scottsdale

Shabbat Project


Join Jews all over the world experiencing one complete Shabbat together.

23/24 October 2015.

Women's Partners in Torah 

A 4 week program where you have the opportunity to learn any topic of interest to you, with a partner.

Topic: Tailor made topics to fit any level of expertise

When: Wednesday at 8:00pm, Jan. 20th, Jan. 27th, Feb. 3rd, and Feb. 10th

Where: Kollel