The Friedman Memorial Torah Library



The Friedman Memorial Torah Library at the Phoenix Community Kollel is believed to be the largest collection of Torah research materials open for the use of the public in Arizona. This library was founded in 2000 by the the Abraham S. Friedman Family, when the Kollel was established.


Abraham Samuel Friedman, of blessed memory, was a successful businessman and generous philanthropist with a strong belief in Torah education. This conviction led Abe to be one of the visionaries who founded the Phoenix Community Kollel. His love of Torah scholarship led to the dedication of the Phoenix Community Kollel’s Friedman Memorial Torah Library in memory of his parents Moshe & Devorah Friedman Z”L and in-laws Shlomo Mendel & Sarah Rifka Lebkes Z”L.


Abe was born in Bronx, NY in 1928 and moved to Arizona in 1975. Founder and President of the Friedman Recycling Company, he stated that his greatest achievement was his family. A devoted husband, father, and grandfather, Abe instilled in his family the beauty, joy and love of being Jewish. Abe passed away in Elul 5760 (2000) A lifelong supporter of Torah institutions throughout the United States and Israel, the Abraham S. Friedman Torah Library is a fitting tribute to his legacy.


The Friedman Memorial Torah Library has grown over the years with many individual donations in honor or memory of loved ones or special occasions. 




The Yisacher Ber Mellovitz Collection

Dedicated by Miriam Mellovitz


R’ Yisacher Ber (Barry) Mellovitz was dedicated to the study of  Torah and an avid collector of Sifrei Kodesh. With his passing, our community lost a man whose every fiber was an expression of Torah and Mitzvos. In a fitting tribute to his legacy his Seforim are a a permanent part of the daily Torah study in the Kollel Beis Medrash.