The most anticipated trivia

event of the year…

This event is a fun fundraiser and all proceeds go towards supporting the work of the Kollel.

Monday, March 12th

6:00 Buffet Dinner / 7:30 Program

At Pardes Jewish Day School

12753 N Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85254


Jason & Genna Fessinger

Jason and Genna Fessinger are active members of the Kollel and among our best advocates. Jason is partner and executive managing director of retail for CBC advisors. He was first introduced to the Kollel at a 2014 learning event for real estate professionals and has since become a regular, learning weekly with Kollel members.

Jason’s passion for Jewish knowledge and application are truly inspiring. His drive in attending Kollel classes is motivated by his deep desire to connect his children with their Jewish heritage and to ensure Jewish continuity. He is particularly drawn to the Kollel’s creed of educating any Jew regardless of identification, background, or beliefs. Jason is a true friend of the Kollel, and can always be counted on to give of his time and support to the Kollel.

The Fessingers are the proud parents of a daughter and son, who they are dedicated to raising with love and Jewish connection.

It is people like the Fessingers, people open to new experiences and the wealth of knowledge that Torah provides, that keep the Kollel’s mission alive. We are proud to honor the Fessingers for their outstanding dedication to truth, knowledge, and growth.

Young Leadership Award

Yitz & Gabriella Mendlowitz

Residents of Phoenix since just 2016, Yitz and Gabriella Mendlowitz have already made their mark in the Valley. Blessed with a magnetic personality, Yitz has committed his many formidable talents to the community, becoming an active participant in the Kollel as well as other local organizations. 

Yitz is the Director of Construction Management for 3rd Ave Investments, a local real estate private equity firm. He is serious and well-grounded when it comes to his Judaism, carefully carving out time from his busy schedule to study at the Kollel as well as volunteering for other local organizations. 

Gabriella is steadfastly dedicated to community projects and is a partner in many communal endeavors. She is a beloved Judaic studies teacher at Phoenix Hebrew Academy. Currently in the process of completing her degree at Empire State University, Gabriella is passionate about working with children, particularly of pre school age.

We are proud to recognize the Mendlowitz’s as true role models and leaders in our community and to present them with the Young Leadership Award.


What is the Q?

The "Q" is a fast-paced multimedia trivia competition, where teams compete to win big prizes by answering  trivia questions projected on large screens.

Who gets to compete?

Everyone in the room!  The 10 people at your table become your TEAM, and together you collaborate to WIN BIG.


Are there prizes for the winning team?

Yes! There will be prizes for the winning team.


Can I pick who will sit at my table?

Yes! In fact we encourage you to bring your favorite trivia experts to join your team.


Do I need to pick my team?

You don't have to. If you like, we'd be happy to pick one for you.


What sort of trivia questions will be featured?

The questions will largely focus on current events, history, sports, popular culture and some Jewish related questions.


How long does the game last?

There are six rounds with roughly 10 questions per round, including an answer round when the winners will be announced.


Is this going to be another boring fundraiser?

NO! At The "Q" you will find yourself involved, engaged, and actively participating throughout this unique and fun event.