Annual Brick Campaign 


Is this a building campaign?

This is a spiritual “Building Campaign”. This is not a capital campaign to purchase a new facility. We are asking you to partner with us in building the Kollel so that we can continue enjoying success building the community.


Why a brick?

It represents the “spiritual brick” you are adding to the Kollel through your partnership. By partnering with the Kollel you have a share in all the Torah learning that takes place daily at the Kollel. 


Where will the bricks be displayed?

In the Kollel lobby, on our new “Builders Wall”.


How long will the bricks be displayed?

The bricks will be displayed for one year. At the end of the year you will be given your brick as a keepsake, a tribute of our appreciation for your support.



All gifts can be divided up and given over the course of the year.